Speaker Date Topic
David Talbot Mar 08, 2021
Crutches 4 Africa

David Talbot and his wife Candice started this program over a decade ago. David first saw the need while on a trip to Africa and witnessed people using tree branches for crutches. The program has grown to include Rotary Clubs from Maine to the West Coast and states from Canada to the Gulf Coast. Today it is no longer just crutches as canes, walkers, rollators and even hospital beds are shipped via containers to Africa. During one hurricane season a shipment being prepared for Africa was quickly diverted to the Caribbean to assist in disaster relief. 

Roy Austin Mar 15, 2021
Libraries for Kids
Libraries for Kids

In 2007, Coach Roy Austin founded Rockwell Business Solutions, LLC (RBS), to provide coaching, mentoring, and seminars for small businesses. RBS provides outsource CFO services, business coaching and development, and seminars. Coach Roy has worked with hundreds of small businesses.

Coach Roy is the author of The Alligator Business Solution – Small Business Competitive Advantage.  The book is a user manual/guidebook for small businesses and covers all major business functions an owner must manage. 

Coach Roy has presented to audiences across the country at national and regional conventions, corporate training, and executive team meetings.

Mike Andrews Mar 22, 2021
WHO Lives

WHOlives; this is a Utah based group that works with many Rotary Clubs throughout the world. Their focus is providing clean water in those regions that lack the facilities. They typically partner with the local group who provides at least half of the investment of a new well. They have developed an novel approach to drilling a well. 

Steve Sterling Apr 26, 2021

 Steve Stirling

President and Chief Executive Officer, MAP International

 When Steve was only 5 years old, his father dropped him and his sister off an orphanage, where they spent the next 5 years before being adopted by a couple in the U.S. Steve eventually graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Agricultural Economics and earned his MBA in Marketing and Finance from Northwestern University.

 Prior to joining MAP International, Steve held executive-level positions with nonprofits including Child Fund International, Heifer International, ChildHelp and WorldVision US and in corporations including: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Conagra Foods, AmeriTrade and Univera Life Sciences.

In 2014, Steve was approached by MAP International. Because MAP is a Christian organization, Steve saw this as an opportunity to live out his faith through his work. He has dedicated his life to bringing critically needed medicines and health supplies to some of the world’s poorest people, so that no child suffers the same fate that he did simply because of a lack of access to medicine.

God redeemed every experience in Steve’s life, even polio, to prepare him for his role at MAP International. He is particularly motivated by Jesus’s words in Matthew 25:36, “I was sick, and you looked after me.” Steve is passionate about MAP International’s mission and he invites you to join him in helping to provide life changing medicines and health supplies to people in need around the world.