October 18, 2021


Our Social planned for Monday, Oct. 25 had to cancelled due to lack of staffing at Bear Creek.
Happy Feet at the Children’s Center is set for Saturday, October 23. The process will be the same as last year and masks will be required. Volunteers are needed Friday, Oct. 22 at 5 to 6 pm for set up and Saturday morning 8 am to Noon for the shoe fitting. The Club will be purchasing 122 pairs of shoes for the event (Thanks to our successful Mini Golf event).
Our guest speaker this week is Gaynelle Dantzler, Executive Director of the Extra Mile Club of the Low Country. More information about the Extra Mile Club is shown below.
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Speaker 10/18/21- Gaynelle Dantzler
Executive Director of the Extra Mile Club of the Low Country

The Extra Mile Club of the Lowcountry (EMC) was founded by Chris Dantzler in 2008 on the premise of developing leadership skills, building character, confidence, and respect for self and others.  Chris, a disabled veteran, was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 1994 having served in Desert Storm and Desert Shield.,

After returning home from the military, he watched year after year as talented athletes in the community reach a dead end after high school. There was very little desire to pursue a secondary education or to even leave Beaufort.  Therefore, he thought it was necessary to start an organization that would make a positive impact on the youth in the community by utilizing his experiences and skills that he learned in the military, i.e. discipline, teamwork, having positive relationships, and a desire to excel. 

In 2014, after seeing the impact that the program was having on the youth in the EMC, Gaynelle Dantzler thought it was necessary to bring some structure to the organization.  Gaynelle gave up a 26 year career in healthcare administration to dedicate her time and energy to help her husband build the organization in an effort to put some structure to the organization and maintain stability.  Gaynelle is the Executive Director of the organization and is responsible for the day to day operations.  She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Management and Administration from South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina in 1990 and a Master’s Degree in Public Health Administration from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina in 1997. 

The EMC provides mentoring to many economically disadvantaged children.  The EMC has taken a holistic approach to mentoring by providing mentoring, tutoring, community service projects, bible study, college tours, strength and conditioning, camps, and youth sports. The EMC is providing the youth in Northern Beaufort County an opportunity to be a part of a positive youth development program.  

The EMC’s efforts have reduced juvenile delinquency and serious juvenile violence for the children in the organization, especially when coordinated with broader community-wide efforts. They provide the youth with mentors and adult role models that are an essential component of delinquency prevention.  They feel as though a combination of meaningful activities, positive role models, consistent moral standards, and viable educational opportunities has a prominent place in Northern Beaufort County. 

The EMC currently serve over 110 youth, boys and girls, ages 5-18, that live across Northern Beaufort County: Lobeco, Yemassee, Seabrook, Grays Hill, Beaufort, Port Royal, Burton, Beaufort, Lady’s Island and St. Helena Island. These are rural areas that have a long history of disparities: economic, social, health, educational, and environmental.  All of which have impacted the quality of life for area residents and their youth.  

The EMC wants to bridge the gap for youth that have limited experiences and exposure by providing social and cultural enrichment.  EMC is reducing characteristics that contribute to delinquency while strengthening characteristics that nurture youth.  

The youth in the EMC are less likely to drop out of school and become involved in drugs and alcohol, and they also excel in academic performances and sociability. They are building skills such as teamwork, leadership, and responsibility as they learn to work with others to achieve a common goal.   

There are 25 young men, ages 13-18 in the EMC Elite program, 88 boys ages 5-12, and 15 girls, ages 5-12. In addition to the mentoring component of the organization, the youth ages 5-12 participate in travel football and cheerleading. 

Happy Feet
The sign-up sheet for Happy Feet is up on the club website.  Please sign up for Friday evening or Saturday morning – or both!  We need someone to order and pick up coffee and donut holes from Dunkin for the adults and bring juice for the kids.  Please contact John Abboud or Nancy Millette to volunteer.
Mini Golf Tournament Funds Awarded
Funds raised by the club's "Mini Golf Tournament" were awarded to "Backpack Buddies" and the "Children's Center" at the Monday October 11, meeting. Each organization received a check for $5,700.
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