Newsletter 11/19/23
The Speaker You’ve Been Waiting For: David Lauderdale
The man who doesn’t need an introduction in the lowcountry, David Lauderdale, is our speaker this week.  Thanks to Maury for snagging him to speak to us.
Like I said before, in addition to the steak dinner, this is a wonderful opportunity to bring a prospective member to our meeting.
SAVE THE DATE: December 2nd
Our Christmas party will be held at Indigo Run and the menu will include filet and a delicious sounding chicken dish.  We will also have Gary Maurer, the magician, for entertainment.  This will be a don’t miss party but please make sure to get your RSVP in the next couple of days and we have to turn in a count!!
No Meeting Next Monday, November 27
Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, there will be no meeting next week.
Are you bringing a guest to Monday’s meeting??  Why doesn’t everyone reach out to a friend and invite them to dinner?  You never know where that next new member will come from.
We are a small club so everyone has to step up to help out.  If you are not doing anything active for the club, please consider this position.  Maury has done a fantastic job finding us speakers for the first half of our Rotary year in spite of his responsibilities with other organizations.  Unfortunately, he has decided to retire from his position (he only agreed to do it for a half year).  So we need someone to step up and replace him. Please let me know if you are interested.  Remember “Service above self”!
 Happy Feet Pictures
Take a look at some of the pictures taken at "Happy Feet".  Please send any photos you have of "Happy Feet" or the "Sandalwood Run" to
Winner, winner steak dinner!!!
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Member and Spouse Birthdays 
Marriage and Join Date Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Ed Dowaschinski
December 14
Spouse Birthdays
November 25
Maureen Dugan
December 28
Maury Purcell
November 5
Stan Colquitt
Coty Colquitt
November 16
John McMahon
November 23
Toney Mathews
Ginger Mathews
November 28
Pete Towne
Linda Towne
December 5
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Toney Mathews
November 1, 2012
11 years
Truitt Rabun
November 22, 2000
23 years
Dan Hergenroeder
November 27, 2006
17 years
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December 5, 2022
1 year
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December 5, 2011
12 years
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December 17, 2019
4 years
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December 17, 2019
4 years
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