NEWSLETTER 8/28/2022



Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Our speaker this week will be Stacy Floyd from Memory Matters (description below).
Last week’s meeting was all about mini golf. Ed Finison will be bringing signup sheets for gift basket, golf packages, and miscellaneous silent auction items. Please anyone who hasn't signed up, take a look at the list and see where you could help.
Tim Henderson is taking care of mailings, reaching out to people via mail for hole sponsors and ticket sales.
Bill Bosse is ticket sales. We are asking each member to sell 20 tickets this year. Each ticket is $15.00 and if someone buys 4, they get a 5th ticket free. If you need more tickets please let Bill know. We want to get as many people through our silent auction tents as we can!
Speaking of the “Silent Auction, Ed Finison is taking the lead. Please see Ed about those signup sheets! If you have silent auction items you can bring them to the meeting and give them to Ed. If you bring a basket please ensure that it is a complete basket ready to be put on a table and sold.
Lisa Medford is all about advertising. And you can be too! If you are on Nextdoor, post there about the event. Soon we should have some window flyers. Next time you are at a store you frequent, ask if you could put our flyer in their window!
Bob Pawlishyn is sponsors - He told everyone best time to go to your favorite restaurant and ask them for a sponsor or gift cards is between 2pm and 4pm. They aren't as busy then and you have a great chance of talking to the manager for those items. You can download the sponsor/ticket forms here if you need more.
If anyone would like more information from the last meeting about what was covered please let me know. I can send you the the action items.
Thank you everyone and I look forward to see you on Monday!
Important Dates:
  • August 30th- Board meeting at Tim Henderson’s home: 5:00 PM
  • September 3rd- Run with Bernie. The sequel - Beach walk a Fish Haul Beach Park (Free Parking!). Located on Mitchellville Road, off Beach City Road.] 10:00 AM
  • September 13th- Mini golf committee meeting to be held at John Abboud’s home at 5pm.
  • September 19th- The Children’s Center is having their Golf fundraiser at Wexford. There are still spots available so please contact Jodi Levitt at 843-681-2739.
  • September 23rd - Foundation Summit in Orangeburg SC
Speaker 8/29/22- Stacy Floyd, Memory Matters
Memory Matters provides compassionate services for those experiencing cognitive decline, offers caregiver respite, supports families, and educates those who want to maintain or improve their brain health.
Our Vision
To create communities that support individuals and families living with the impact of dementia and to be a leader in brain health.
Our Values
Excellence, Compassion, Hope, Integrity,
Respect, Innovation
Service Project Beach Cleanup September 3rd
This will be a team gathering of Polio Plus participants from the three HHI Rotary Clubs and a service project to do a beach clean-up at the same time. This will be our club's first service project of the Rotary Year. The Town of HHI has provided baskets for people to use for beach clean-up. I will have a supply of Walmart bags for use as well. There are large trash containers in several locations in the parking lot where what we collect can be deposited. 
Location: Fish Haul Beach Park (free parking, restrooms, water fountain) - this is at 124 Mitchelville Road off Beach City Road. (Beach City Rd. to 4-way Stop, left on Fish Haul Rd., right on Baygall Rd., right on Mitchelville Rd.)
Time: 10:00 AM, Saturday, September 3rd. Walk the beach: whatever distance you are comfortable with, but less than 2 miles.
Service to the community: Pick-up any trash that you see and deposit in trash bins.
Photo Op: Team photos and ability to create awareness
Fellowship: Get to know members of the other two clubs on the island and their friends.
Member and Spouse Birthdays 
Marriage and Join Date Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Maurice Purcell
August 8
Ray Makalous
August 16
Truitt Rabun
August 22
Spouse Birthdays
Barb Magee
August 16
Sunday Molen
August 31
Ralph Eckles
Joan Eckles
August 8
Bill Bosse
Joni Bosse
August 27
Nancy Millette
Ed Millette
August 28
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Rotary’s Vision
Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.