One Million Meal Challenge for this Rotary Year – a District level Challenge
DG Johnny Moore spoke to our Area 4 Rotary clubs in September about his One Million Meal Challenge for our District.
After some healthy discussion, the Area 4 group of presidents decided to support the Rise Against Hunger organization (as opposed to The Outreach Program) and take on the challenge for our area (pending board approval). All Area 3 clubs agreed to participate in the meal packing project. Ralph asked me to talk about the project to the club today.
Why Rise Against Hunger?
oth organizations are good. Rise Against Hunger responds to disaster relief situations in the US, but most of the meals go to 3rd world countries overseas. The meals are bags of rice and soy. While there are hunger issues in the US, children get hot meals in school and realistically, American children expect more than rice and soy products. Children in 3rd world countries will be glad to have these meals. In many 3rd world countries (like India), education is not mandatory. Children go to school to eat and stay to get an education in these countries. Rise Against Hunger hits 2 major areas of concern: nourishment and literacy. Education is the key to getting these children out of extreme poverty.
Rise Against Hunger’s mission is to end hunger by 2030 and they could not send millions of meals around the globe each year without help & lots of volunteers.
Did you know a child dies every ELEVEN SECONDS through malnutrition?
Since 2005, Rise Against Hunger volunteer groups have packaged over 500 million meals, and each year they engage hundreds of thousands of volunteers globally. They rely on groups of any size in locations across the world to package our meals.
This will be a fun event…good comradery…working together as Area 4 Rotary clubs to make a difference on a global basis.
The Rise Against Hunger Experience events provide a fun, educational way for groups to literally lend a hand to people in critical aid need across the globe. We combine an assembly line process with an educational experience to not only make a huge impact worldwide, but to touch the lives of those in your group.
  • We will do a Meal Packing event in two locations – Hilton Head and Bluffton – on Sunday, 22, 1:30 – 4:30, with the plan of reaching our area goal prior to the All Club Conference scheduled for March 27 – 29.
  • We will work with news outlets and the district level school communication to get the word out and engage our Interact, Rotaract and EarlyAct clubs to help.

If anyone knows or works for an organization or group that may be interested in helping sponsor the event and/or volunteer to participate, please let Ralph know.
Note: 1 person can pack ~ 250 meals in 2 hours. We hope you’ll all come out & help!
The chart below shows what we as a group and as individual clubs would need to raise to meet the goals
Area 4 Clubs
# meals/club
Cost per Club
Cost per member
$ 5,996.95
Hilton Head Island
$ 2,382.35
HHI-Van Landingham
$ 5,175.45
$ 1,396.55
Area Totals